Main Parent Concerns

We understand that many parents worry about the social aspect of their children. Olla allocates plenty of social time for kids with group activities, deliberate social playtime, and clubs.

Parents also play a big role and are encouraged with, suggested ways, to build stronger healthy relationships with their children as research suggests that children who develop strong attachments with their parents have stronger friendships later in life.

We also encourage parents to set play dates. And let them know of kids' physical regular events and camps near them they can sign their kids up for.

In the past year, education experts from around the world are slowly but surely moving towards the view that it is not screen time that matters. Rather, it is the kind of content that a child consumes, that affects his or her wellbeing.

Therefore, it is very important to differentiate between productive and unproductive screen time. While the latter often refers to gaming and passive consumption of videos, productive screen time is about engaging children in the process of learning. And that cannot be harmful. Online classes play a huge role in making screen time productive. We also incorporate a lot of practical work to keep kids busy and not just sitting still watching.

We also have fitness/PE classes in their curriculum to promote an active lifestyle.

This is a valid concern. Largely because the blinking rate goes down when we stare at the screen, causing the eyes to feel dry.

Proximity to the screen and the eyes is also a matter of concern. But there are solutions. Laptops and computer screens, which require you to sit at an arm’s distance, are more suitable for kids than tablets and mobile phones that tend to be held closer to the eye. We also provide protective eye gear and screen protectors.

As far as the blinking rate goes, We take sufficient breaks to mitigate this problem. For instance, staying hydrated and following the 20-20 rule, wherein after every 20 minutes, one must shut their eyes for 20 seconds is a great idea.


The role of the parent is very important in this online teaching journey. Parents should create and promote a positive online learning environment for the student. Parents should also encourage the student to follow a routine to stay focussed and to develop responsibility, self discipline and independence.

There is no set rule to supporting an online learner so tailored measures should be taken to make sure the needed outcomes are met.

Parent/teacher conferences will be held monthly to support parents and lea

Olla Academy has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of bullying. We know that students learn best in a safe and calm environment that is free from disruption. We take the following steps to address this matter:

Students, staff and parents are required to accept the rules of engagement set out by the academy. These rules clearly set out the responsibilities and expectations of all parties and any consequences of misconduct. All staff are highly trained and qualified to ensure all interactions are aligned with our code of conduct. All engagements between individuals and groups at Olla Academy are screened and monitored. Parents and learners are encouraged to report any inappropriate interactions. Any bullying behaviour will be subject to suspension and possible expulsion. Olla Academy has the right to unilaterally expel learners found guilty.

In the event that a teacher cannot attend a lesson, a recording will be made available as soon as possible.

Parents can have meetings with the tutor or mentor whenever necessary, and can schedule meetings with the teacher via the mentor. Alternatively, monthly parent/teacher conferences are available.

Parents have login details to check on progress and observe the interaction between the staff and the students. Parents are not allowed to interrupt classes or workshops, and can direct any questions to the mentor and teachers afterwards.

Smart devices (Desktops, laptops and tablets) can be used. The site is also mobile friendly allowing you to access the school anytime, anywhere.

Olla Academy is compatible with any standard compliant web browser.

School from home! Olla Academy is a completely online Primary. You can expect:

Qualified lecturers with advanced degrees in their respective subject. Access to an internationally recognized curriculum or customized. Live, interactive virtual classrooms and workshops with real teachers, lecturers and tutors. A portfolio of evidence as required by the Department of Basic Education Collaborative learning online, as well as opportunities for field trips Innovative problem based learning strategies, introducing students to robotics, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Yes, even though we are flexible and our programs bespoke, there are prerequisites for some subjects – please contact a consultant for more information.

Yes, there is a schedule that is spread across the day and there is ample time for breaks.

Exact dates are available to all registered students.

Please contact a consultant for more information.

Yes, we provide a personal tour to explore our learning environment. When you fill in our Contact form, you can schedule a one-on-one online session with a consultant that will show you how the system works and answer your most pressing questions. Alternatively you can send an email to to find out more before registering.

We have a diverse set of payment options all handled by the same payment gateway providers that service the major brands such as See the ‘Pricing’ tab for more details.