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Everything your child needs to succeed and find happiness, right at your fingertips.

<br><br>Setting the foundations for success

Setting the foundations for success

Olla is an online kids' school that provides fun and exciting classes and clubs for children whose parents want them to learn unique and practical skills not typically offered in traditional schools.

We offer live and interactive classes for various curriculums, combined with problem-solving and creative thinking STEAM programs.

How Parents Use Our Services


Private Home school

Parents looking for flexible and personalized curricula to much their children's needs.


After-school activities and clubs

Parents interested in their kids learning different skill sets or taking up hobbies.


Kids Tutorship

Parents looking for extra school guidance for their kids

<br><br>Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We celebrate child diversity and talents. And you get to pick the best education no matter where you are or go.

Qualified Staff Members

We believe in the importance of each child receiving plentiful attention, hence each staff member undergoes a reference, character and credential check prior to commencing employment

Open Communication

We work with parents to promote open communication for the mutual benefit of the child. We welcome parents to speak with teachers via e-mail or phone. Weekly child activity updates will be sent to parents via emails


Online lessons are recorded to provide a form of security and general control over the operations at the school. This also allows pupils and parents to revisit lessons at any time, ensuring that no topic or subject is left without being fully understood.

Specialty Programs

Because we are an online school, we are not limited when it comes to providing curriculums of your choice with the addition of specialty subjects, and extra-curricular activities to give your child an enriched education experience.

Classes You Can Expect

Mental And Physical Education
Meditation | Fitness | Kids Yoga

Life Skills
Critical Thinking | Self Care | Ethics | And More

Drawing | Painting | Dance | Animating| And More

Programing & Tech
Coding | Video Game Design | Python | Scratch | UI and UX design | Robotics (coming soon) | And More

Local and foreign language

Crop Farming | Animal Raising

Creative Writing | Reading | Grammar | Essay Writing | Literature | Vocabulary | And More

Multiplication | Statistics | Geometry | Numbers | Fractions | And More

Science & Nature
Chemistry | Biology | Science | Physics | Astronomy | Anatomy | And More

Geography | History | Social Studies | Politics | Finance | And More

Team Building & Socializing
Group activities | Team Work Practice | Leadeship | And More

Online Library Available

Where Learning and Adventure Come to Life



Registration is open for classes Grade 3 - 6, Stage 2-5 with limited spaces available. .

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(ZMW) Per month per club

*Open to all children including those from other institutions

*2 days a week

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(ZMW) Per month

*Open to all children including those from other institutions

*3 days a week

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Full Time Tuition Fee

K6 000

(ZMW) Per term

*can be paid monthly @ K2 000 per month

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